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Long-lasting fat loss with liposuction in Naples, FL

Many women and men suffer from stubborn fatty pockets that refuse to respond to diet and exercise. Whether you have a few extra inches around your waistline or extra fat around the thighs, Dr. Kiran Gill can sculpt and reshape certain parts of the body to give you a more attractive silhouette. Dr. Gill's Naples, FL Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures and consistently provides great results.

Benefits of liposuction

Liposuction may be the only way to get rid of excess body fat in certain areas of the body. Even patients who are at their ideal weight or a healthy weight have concerns about a few bulges and fatty pockets that aren’t responding to their fitness efforts.

Dr. Gill's Naples, FL Liposuction helps reduce fat cells so any area we treat will not get larger even if you gain weight. We encourage patients to maintain a healthy weight before and after surgery so that they can enjoy the best possible results from this procedure.

Dr. Gill uses various techniques to ensure just the right amount of fat is removed and that the skin will retract as the body heals. Having good skin elasticity is important for liposuction patients because the skin needs to bounce back and tighten when body fat is removed.

If the skin is too lose, you may be left with a pouch or hanging skin that is difficult to treat without another surgical procedure. You can look forward to losing a few inches and achieving a more sculpted figure after liposuction.

Common advantages of liposuction include…

  • Long-lasting, sustainable results
  • Minimally invasive
  • Rapid recovery
  • Tightens the skin
  • Sculpts and reshapes the torso
  • Creates a better fit in swimwear and clothing
  • Improves self-confidence in one’s image
  • Is well combined with a tummy tuck, a thigh lift or gynecomastia treatment
  • Obtains results where dieting and exercise have failed

Who are the best candidates for liposuction?

It’s important for patients to remember that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Even though we can remove large quantities of fat, fat does not weigh all that much and any weight lost is usually just fluid.

The best candidates for liposuction are those who are close to or at a healthy weight and just want to achieve a more streamlined figure.

You may be a good candidate for liposuction if you:

  • Are not looking for a weight loss procedure
  • Have excess fat around the hips, thighs, waistline, back, or arms
  • Live a relatively healthy lifestyle
  • Are in good psychological health
  • Are free from any major medical issues that might interfere with treatment
  • Are willing to follow Dr. Gill’s instructions before and after treatment
  • Are a non-smoker, or are willing to quit prior to treatment
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure

Undergoing liposuction

Liposuction is typically performed under general anesthesia but can be performed under local anesthesia, depending on the patient. We begin by making a series of small incisions around the treatment area and then filling the area with tumescent fluid. This helps numb the tissue and also expands the area for easy fat extraction.

Naples board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kiran Gill uses MicroAire (PAL) to gently break down fatty pockets and extracts the fat. We can remove some of the excess fluid before closing up the incisions with bandages.

Most patients experience moderate swelling from the fluid and some inflammation after liposuction. You will notice results as soon as the swelling goes down and progressive results as the healing process continues.

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